Tre citat av Thom Hartmann

Jag har nyss läst en bok som är bland de bästa jag läst: "The last hours of ancient sunlight", av Thom Hartmann. Här är några citat: 
"It´s time for us to recognize other living things as our equals in their claim to life on this planet. They are our older brothers and sisters in the history of the Earth; they are inextricably connected with us and our life source."
"While tribal people would never evangelize (asking other tribes to become just like them), this is a cardinal characteristic of most city/states, and historically has been enforced by the threat (and action) of death, torture, wholesale extermination (as we saw during the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the Conquering of the American West, and now seein the enslavement of indigenous peoples of South America and Asia), or afterlife damnation."
"Those tribes which are Older Culture cooperator-based rather than Younger Culture hierarchical and dominator, are more likely to survive (even in the face of persecution) without the need to resort to force, violence, or threats of eternal damnation against those who disagree, or don´t go along."

Postat av: Titti

Tack, för dessa fina citat...som får att tänka på enhet istället för separation...och när man tänker på att allt är ett...blir allt lätt...och inget krig.våld,mm. behövs längre...

2015-12-29 @ 15:29:00

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