Mediernas fatala miss

"There are no prominent newspapers, magazines, and periodicals that have consistently designated space for commentary on the ecological situation. There are sections for politics, economics, sports, arts, science, education, food, entertainment, and a number of other areas of life, including religion; but only on rare occasions are there references to what is happening to the planet. Of course, these periodicals are supported by the great industrial establishment, and the ecological situation is considered threatening or limiting to the industrial enterprise. In reality, industrial control of the media is among the most devastating forces threatening the viability of the human."
(Thomas Berry 1987, det samma gäller i hög utsträckning även för dagens medier)

Från antropocentrism till biocentrism

"Once we grant that a change from antropocentric to a biocentric sense of reality and value is needed, we must ask how this can be achieved and how it could work. We must begin by accepting the fact that the life community, the community of all living species, is the greater reality and the greater value, and that the primary concern of the human must be the preservation and enhancement of this larger community."
"The human ultimately must discover the larger dimensions of its own being within this community context. That the value of the human being is enhanced by diminishing the value of the larger community is an illusion, the great illusion of the present industrial age, which seeks to advance the human by plundering the planet´s geological structure and all its biological species."
(Thomas Berry)


Had the collapse of the industrial economy reached completion several years ago, our species might have persisted a few more generations. Now, however, it’s time to let go. 
(Guy McPherson, 2013)

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